One day intensive workshop fee is $150 with beverages and a healthy gourmet lunch provided. Class is 10 am - 6ish. Exclusive Malibu location. Deposit required.  Contact Allyson at 406-925-9395 to register.

Here's what writers have to say about previous retreats.

"Once again you’ve outdone yourself with the Montana Writer's Retreat. You juggled multiple genres—non-fiction essays, memoir, poetry, fiction—as well as diverse writing levels and project goals. You’re also sensitive to where each writer is at personally and any external pressures in their lives.

With all those factors in mind, while providing unified instruction for the group, you also customize writing exercises for each participant. You allow the group to chat and bond and then gently bring us back to the page. All beautifully balanced, well done. 

Oh, and the food—nourishment of the body and brain! I'd need to write another post devoted solely to that!"

My Heartfelt Thanks,

"During the Writer's Workshop, Allyson takes you through an archaeological dig of finding your voice. She helps you dust away the layers in order to craft the story each of us holds inside. She not only nourishes your soul, she feeds your body with delicious healthful food!" Faye

"It was truly inspirational! Thank you again for nourishing our bodies, minds and souls. Thank you for asking for my testimonial. Do IT! Sign UP! WRITE! And don't forget your kleenex! Oh, here is a more polished piece: Attending the Writer’s Workshop was truly a gift to myself. Allyson’s techniques to instruct and inspire have set me off on a new path that I never would have expected to be on. Spending time with women writers was amazing as we shared of ourselves and gave input into one another’s stories. I did not only come away as a better writer after that weekend but I also came away enriched as a person. And for that I am profoundly touched." Warm regards, Dawn

"Love you ❤ and thank you for being the teacher that turned it all around (for me anyway). I hope I can be the student to turn it all around for you too. I loved what you taught and the yummy meals and our stretches and everything about the class. I'm happy I stayed until the end." Robin

"I left the workshop feeling recharged and reconnected to my creativity." Jolene

"Dear Allyson, You gave your all this weekend! Thank you for the perfect mix of healing balm and stretching tips and advice. So what I needed at this moment in my career!" All the best, Anika

And thank you Writers for sharing yourselves, your work, dreams, hearts and souls. I can't wait for the next chapter! Thank you Faye Maddox Photography for all of these moments.

With deep respect and lover of great food,


Join us for the 

 malibu winter writers retreat


allyson adams

february 23, 2019

"Thanks again for helping me awaken a voice inside and start writing and creating again."
          Faye Maddox

"Allyson, I have been blessed by your words, your retreat and all the women who participated.
I can’t tell you how much the weekend meant to me. Your advice on so many things resonates in my mind."        Janet Hill, Raven Publishing

"Allyson, I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful writer's retreat...for the good food and great friendships...and especially for making it a safe and trusted place to share the inner workings of the soul. I so enjoyed the jumpstart to my creative writing practice. 😊 Hope to see you soon!"
              Zanne Reynolds

"Thanks again for an invigoratingly fun relaxing weekend! The creative energy was amazing."
              Shannon Brown

"I certainly have caught the writing bug again and I am beginning the research I will need to get started on one of my projects!!!  Yeah!"
              Carla Brown

"I am grateful that I could participate in your writer's retreat and for the openness and graciousness from you and all the ladies."
               David Hoag

Contact Allyson Adams to register at

or call 406-925-9395.

Find your whale song and go deep into your own blue mystery. Give permission for the waves to come. Focusing on intuition and conjuring fresh images will lead the way for a new beginning with your creativity and writing techniques. 

​Unplug and leave the world behind. Write. Use all your senses. Find a spark.
                                                         Tell a story

                                                       Eat and drink

                                                           Join us!


Sneak away for a creative adventure!

Allyson Adams wants to inspire and share techniques with writers to unwind, access their deep voice and simply begin.